The invisible Pheremone Fence
A few second spray creates an invisible pheromone boundary fence.

The best way to avoid the distress of your dog urinating or going where it should not, in your home is to prevent this from happening.

DoggieDoNot is a natural organic product completely safe, effective, undetectable by humans, and used as a localized boundary spray, a safe scientific methodology that will inhibit your dog from urinating on or going in the areas you choose to protect. The method is based on the fact that as humans interpret the world by sight, dogs employ their sense of smell to make judgments.

Their noses are 10,000 -- 200,000 times more powerful than ours. The sense of smell in dogs is particularly sensitive to sub microscopic molecules, called pheromones.
Pheromones are natural substances that an animal produces and secretes to mark its territory or presence. They cannot be detected by humans.

Many of us who own dogs are familiar with invisible electric fencing. DoggieDoNot is an invisible fence based on the dogs sense of smell. By staking out or surrounding an area, a small as a carpet, with traces of pheromones from a natural predator to dogs. The dog will be reluctant to enter that area since its brain tells it danger lurks there.
Whether it is something as simple as a carpet or particular area, as far the dog is concerned that area has been staked out by a dangerous predator and is to be avoided.

When the dog detects the specific pheromones of a predator like a bear or cougar, it instinctively avoids trespassing on their territory. So when we spray some microscopic, molecules of predator pheromone into an area, or around an area, dogs will give that area a wide berth on the simple human premise – why look for trouble?

Instructions - How to use DoggieDoNot:
The product is supplied in an 60 mL bottle with the spray nozzle. DoggieDoNot is a clear water based solution that cleans to any sprayed surface. It is not detectable by people.

It is not necessary to spray the entire surface you wish to protect rather a several inch strip along all the borders of the carpeted area are given a misty spray, and the central human areas a spray or two. Spray a strip along any access points to an area. You are in effect marking off, the predatory's territory. The process should be repeated about once every several weeks.
No animals were harmed in collecting pheremones for this product.



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Size: 60 mil bottle

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